Friday, 13 January 2012

Nail Of The... well two weeks

Yes, I know its probably some sort of crime against my nails and possibly fashion to wear my nail varnish for two weeks.  But you've caught me, I'm trying to spread Christmas out, so sue me.

Anyway, the reason why I have kept these on is because I love them. I originally started with OPI A Oui Bit of Red on all the nails and then several coats of Pop Nail Glam Glitz in Aquatic Glitz over the top of the accent nail. Both Christmas presents!!

OPI A Oui Bit of Red - In all honesty I dont really understand the name, yes it is a gorgeous red, but there are some serious tones of pink in there, which aren't just undertones.  Which I love and I dont have a problem with, but they could've called it some other cool name instead of something relating to red perhaps...

Pop Aquatic Glitz - Its just glitter, full on glitter.  I literally packed the stuff on until my nail was un-naturally thick.  I love glitter. Enough said. So New Years Eve-esque.

Then a lovely friend of mine with a nail art passion painted on some black and, yes glitter stripes and BAM diva nails.  

Several people have asked me if they're fake, and more have complimented me so dont be afraid to try out stripes, and rainbows, and butterflies, and sunshine.  All on one hand!

Because I'm reminiscing about New Years, feel free to take a cheeky gander at my pics of the fireworks, it was gorgeous to be up there to bring in 2012. Yes, I appreciate its now Friday the 13th but nevermind!

Copyright of course! I didn't get cramp in my hands for nothing!

And while you're there, check them out to the music, its pretty amazing when music and fireworks collide.

I originally heard about Etsy from leighannsays, as in practically all of her videos she mentions several pieces of Etsy jewellery.
I decided to check it out at the time but found it a little hard to find what you're looking for, often you get lost in more expensive stuff and then you lose interest.  I've heard this problem from several other bloggers and friends.  So, I was a little put off at the time.

This last week I decided to give it a go again, and Im pretty impressed.  I really wanted a thin, pretty bracelet and that's exactly what I typed in.  And it worked!

I found Gemma Moutney's Harmony Charming shop, with loads of teeny meaningful charms and I chose the 'Two peas in a pod' bracelet.

Then it arrived, quite promptly, as I was expecting a slight delay due to them being handmade etc.
But just look at how it arrived...

This definitely fulfilled any fairytale/hogwarts envelope cravings I have ever had.  I simply refuse to accept normal post in the future.  I think it added a little bit to the whole experience really, made it a bit more special.
Here is the bracelet on my bony wrist...

I love it, my only concern was that it is placed on string and I wasn't sure whether to either just tie it tightly and bathe with it on (causing it to fray earlier) or tie it so that it could be undone easily.
You can see I have way too much time on my hands.
Anyway I've decided to just get it wet, you only live once right and for £3.32 I hardly mind.

So go check out Harmony Charming, couldn't be happier with the service and postage attire ;)

I also found, in my incessant web browsing, a new website called  Which, in essence, has answered my prayers.  It's really simple to use and it shows you your desired products in a tumblr-esque theme that lets you see all the products on show. Go check it out.

I am definitely impressed and hooked on Etsy, I'm intent on getting all my artistic friends to sell their products on there, let me know whether you've tried anything!

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Hello bloglets hope your Fridays are all going well!
In honour of Food Friday and of course, my hunger
I made a......
Carrot Cake, yes I reverted to the old favourite.  Yes, I cut it up slightly too early due to my impatience.  And yes, I dropped it twice due to my excitement!

Anyway here is a picture of the masterpiece, dont ask me about the photo and why it is refusing to rotate because I just dont know, and I also clearly do not know how to take photos at flattering angles and it looks like a slab of you know what but moving on

  • First Recipe from my baking book that I received for Christmas
  • Tastes pretty darn good

  • Used dark muscovado sugar instead of light, was debating over the implications for a while but then thought well, life goes on!
  • Little bit greasy? Not quite sure why

In other food news, my favourite food blog sodelushious belonging to the beautiful chrissy teigen, (yes shes a model and shes allowed to eat this stuff) posted a gorgeous chicken recipe that I really. wanna. try
Check it out below! And while you're there, look at her Herbed Baked Eggs as well!

So that's all for Food Friday, let me know what you've been creating!
Oh and always remember to whisk your eggs before you add them to a mixture!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Whats on Youtube?

Its Thursday, the day that isn't the middle of the week and yet isn't the end of the week.
It just exists, lifeless.
So to brighten up your lowly Thursdays here is a list of the top videos Im in love with on YouTube.

1. Leighannsays
The shockingly beautiful, seriously just go watch her, she's lovely and literally becomes rapunzel in this video

2. TheMomsView
Yes, I may be a teenager but I love the whole Butler family so why not follow along on their Youtube domination.  Despite being nowhere near childbearing age, their latest video with Shay and Casey definitely made me want children.  Kayli and Colette are lucky ladies.

3. Last but definitely not least whatsupelle
I love this girl, shes hilarious and she has clones.  and she dances. What more do you need?

Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Must. Do. Revision.

This is how I'm surviving the January exams.

Thank me later.

3 Songs for Tuesday

3 songs that I love this week, but probably not next week.

No. 1
30 Seconds to Mars - Vox Populi
For those of you who did watch the Victoria's Secret Show 2011, you know how beastly this song was. That drum beat, It needs no introduction.

No. 2
Coastin - Zion I
Found this on a saturdaynightsalrite video, the song, as well as her is pretty darn cool.  Perfect for those lowly days walking home from school in the rain.

No. 3
Kinda Outta Luck - Lana Del Rey
Okay, so its taken a little while but I may have jumped on the Lana bandwagon, I mean with a name like that she deserves a chance.  Stick with the intro, her voice is gorgeous!

Numero Uno

Hi there, welcome to my blog.  Thank you for visiting, come again.

17 year old girl living just outside of London.  Drama, English and Sociology student with her mind constantly somewhere else.  Intent on being the first person to have a gap - life.
I have quite a few handy hints, recipes, knowledge and skills that I've picked up over the years so why not share.

Proceed with caution.