Friday, 13 January 2012

I originally heard about Etsy from leighannsays, as in practically all of her videos she mentions several pieces of Etsy jewellery.
I decided to check it out at the time but found it a little hard to find what you're looking for, often you get lost in more expensive stuff and then you lose interest.  I've heard this problem from several other bloggers and friends.  So, I was a little put off at the time.

This last week I decided to give it a go again, and Im pretty impressed.  I really wanted a thin, pretty bracelet and that's exactly what I typed in.  And it worked!

I found Gemma Moutney's Harmony Charming shop, with loads of teeny meaningful charms and I chose the 'Two peas in a pod' bracelet.

Then it arrived, quite promptly, as I was expecting a slight delay due to them being handmade etc.
But just look at how it arrived...

This definitely fulfilled any fairytale/hogwarts envelope cravings I have ever had.  I simply refuse to accept normal post in the future.  I think it added a little bit to the whole experience really, made it a bit more special.
Here is the bracelet on my bony wrist...

I love it, my only concern was that it is placed on string and I wasn't sure whether to either just tie it tightly and bathe with it on (causing it to fray earlier) or tie it so that it could be undone easily.
You can see I have way too much time on my hands.
Anyway I've decided to just get it wet, you only live once right and for £3.32 I hardly mind.

So go check out Harmony Charming, couldn't be happier with the service and postage attire ;)

I also found, in my incessant web browsing, a new website called  Which, in essence, has answered my prayers.  It's really simple to use and it shows you your desired products in a tumblr-esque theme that lets you see all the products on show. Go check it out.

I am definitely impressed and hooked on Etsy, I'm intent on getting all my artistic friends to sell their products on there, let me know whether you've tried anything!

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