Friday, 13 January 2012

Nail Of The... well two weeks

Yes, I know its probably some sort of crime against my nails and possibly fashion to wear my nail varnish for two weeks.  But you've caught me, I'm trying to spread Christmas out, so sue me.

Anyway, the reason why I have kept these on is because I love them. I originally started with OPI A Oui Bit of Red on all the nails and then several coats of Pop Nail Glam Glitz in Aquatic Glitz over the top of the accent nail. Both Christmas presents!!

OPI A Oui Bit of Red - In all honesty I dont really understand the name, yes it is a gorgeous red, but there are some serious tones of pink in there, which aren't just undertones.  Which I love and I dont have a problem with, but they could've called it some other cool name instead of something relating to red perhaps...

Pop Aquatic Glitz - Its just glitter, full on glitter.  I literally packed the stuff on until my nail was un-naturally thick.  I love glitter. Enough said. So New Years Eve-esque.

Then a lovely friend of mine with a nail art passion painted on some black and, yes glitter stripes and BAM diva nails.  

Several people have asked me if they're fake, and more have complimented me so dont be afraid to try out stripes, and rainbows, and butterflies, and sunshine.  All on one hand!

Because I'm reminiscing about New Years, feel free to take a cheeky gander at my pics of the fireworks, it was gorgeous to be up there to bring in 2012. Yes, I appreciate its now Friday the 13th but nevermind!

Copyright of course! I didn't get cramp in my hands for nothing!

And while you're there, check them out to the music, its pretty amazing when music and fireworks collide.

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