Friday, 13 January 2012

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Hello bloglets hope your Fridays are all going well!
In honour of Food Friday and of course, my hunger
I made a......
Carrot Cake, yes I reverted to the old favourite.  Yes, I cut it up slightly too early due to my impatience.  And yes, I dropped it twice due to my excitement!

Anyway here is a picture of the masterpiece, dont ask me about the photo and why it is refusing to rotate because I just dont know, and I also clearly do not know how to take photos at flattering angles and it looks like a slab of you know what but moving on

  • First Recipe from my baking book that I received for Christmas
  • Tastes pretty darn good

  • Used dark muscovado sugar instead of light, was debating over the implications for a while but then thought well, life goes on!
  • Little bit greasy? Not quite sure why

In other food news, my favourite food blog sodelushious belonging to the beautiful chrissy teigen, (yes shes a model and shes allowed to eat this stuff) posted a gorgeous chicken recipe that I really. wanna. try
Check it out below! And while you're there, look at her Herbed Baked Eggs as well!

So that's all for Food Friday, let me know what you've been creating!
Oh and always remember to whisk your eggs before you add them to a mixture!

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