Thursday, 12 January 2012

Whats on Youtube?

Its Thursday, the day that isn't the middle of the week and yet isn't the end of the week.
It just exists, lifeless.
So to brighten up your lowly Thursdays here is a list of the top videos Im in love with on YouTube.

1. Leighannsays
The shockingly beautiful, seriously just go watch her, she's lovely and literally becomes rapunzel in this video

2. TheMomsView
Yes, I may be a teenager but I love the whole Butler family so why not follow along on their Youtube domination.  Despite being nowhere near childbearing age, their latest video with Shay and Casey definitely made me want children.  Kayli and Colette are lucky ladies.

3. Last but definitely not least whatsupelle
I love this girl, shes hilarious and she has clones.  and she dances. What more do you need?

Enjoy your Thursday!

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